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About John Baldwin

‘There is this mysterious thing about the actual texture of paint. For some reason, we don’t know why, it comes across to the nervous system in a more immediate, more abrupt way, than the surface of a photograph for instance.’   Francis Bacon

On my first visit to the Tate in 1962 at the age of 16 I bought a postcard of a painting by Nicolas de Stael. I still have it. I went to America in 1964 and saw American painting for the first time, one of the few art students to have done so. This was the beginning of my fascination with painting.

I have worked in acrylic for the past 25 year. About a year ago I started to work in oil paint by revisiting the first influences, particularly French painters of the 1950’s such as Riopelle and Soulages.

I first started working in watercolour then I moved on to acrylics, all of which I made myself, thus giving my paintings their incredible detail. My influences were Sam Francis, Albert Irvin, John Hoyland and Hans Hoffman.